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 • International ServiceMAXX Pro (MaxxForce) 2019
 • International Diamond Logic Builder (DLB) 2018
 • International Hydraulic ABS 2.0
 • International Instrument Panel Cluster (IPC) 2.0
 • International INTUNE 1.4.2
 • International MasterDiagnostics (MD32)
 • International NavKal 2018
 • International NETS 5.5.1
 • International ServiceAssistant (SA) 2.0
 • International TRW ABS 355 3.0.9


ServiceMAXX Fleets Pro is used to diagnose all electronically controlled International engines.

Diamond Logic Builder (DLB) Fleet is used to diagnose the electrical system, including the instrument panel cluster on The Industry's First High Performance Trucks.

Instrument Panel Cluster (IPC) is used to diagnose the instrument panel on both heavy and medium-duty, post 1991, Instrument panel clusters. It is not used on The Industry's First High Performance Trucks.

INTUNE is used to assist in diagnosing International Next Generation Vehicle (NGV) multiplexed electronics or electrical problems.

Hydraulic ABS is used to diagnose Kelsey Hayes, Lucas Varity, and TRW Ross Hydraulic ABS brake systems.

MasterDiagnostics (MD32) is used to diagnose International engine problems. International MD32 is designed specifically to work with International Engine Control Modules, available with the fine family of International engines.
The on-board electronics (ECM) is used to control the engine's performance and emissions.

NETS is a software program designed to allow a dealer to program an Engine Control Module (ECM) or Injector Drive Module (IDM) with or without assistance from Ford. This programming takes one of three forms.

TRW ABS 355 software application for PC provides quick and easy access to diagnostic information for TerraStar® Hydraulic Anti-lock brake systems.

Special Diagnostics ® 2011
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